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An introduction to coffee

Posted on: October 5th, 2022
Categories: Coffee

I get a lot of questions from customers, often new to specialty coffee, asking me to explain various coffee terms, brewing methods and how to adapt their coffee-making techniques depending on the type of coffee they buy. So in this blog, I will try to cover many of the common areas where questions and problems arise.

You must remember, unlike great wine where you just need to open the bottle, let it breathe and drink it, great coffee involves the participation of the brewer. You can buy the best coffee in the world but, if its brewed poorly, no-one will know.

The great news, however, is that the definition of a great cup of coffee is one that tastes exactly how you like it! Of course, in terms of brewing coffee, it helps to understand some basic principles, appreciate the differences between brewing methods, gain a greater appreciation of coffee terms and what different coffee beans – and the way they are roasted – bring to the table. But the idea is to use the knowledge you acquire to make the coffee that you, your family and friends enjoy!

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