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What They Say

" The coffee is delicious. It is so good to have freshly roasted beans. I would recommend trying the Decaf. Mrs L Paul, Hornton near Banbury
" I have been using Eagle Eye Coffee beans now for approximately 6 months, it took a lot for me to change from my original brand but I’m glad I did! TKO, in my opinion, is the perfect morning coffee, it has full flavour with a hint of smokiness and really does the morning wake up job. Sweet Yellow is smooth, creamy and perfect for a relaxed afternoon coffee. It is the ideal coffee for a latte or cappuccino as the flavour is not too overpowering. Mr James Pearson, Cottingley
" Eagle Eye Decaf Guatemalan tastes like real coffee. Decaf never tastes like real coffee. It’s brilliant! Deborah from Dewsbury
" I asked Eagle Eye to recommend a smooth tasty coffee with a hint of fruit and the Rwandan coffee was so good that we have now simply stopped buying our previous supermarkets brand, which pales by comparison. Top advice, thanks! Mr T from West Yorkshire
" Eagle Eye’s TKO blend is a strong, tasty, earthy coffee, which is as great in espresso as it is in a latte. Totally Knock Out! Becca from Thornhill
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